Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Future of Windows 7 in danger?

Today people inside Microsoft leaked a rumor that Microsoft will abandon the release of Windows 7 just 2 months before the announced release date. Considering the economy and the fact that in a virtualized world no one has a preference for a flagship Operating System, analysts agree that it doesn't make sense to waste any more money on a new code with the potential of more meltdowns.

As a result, the support for all existing Microsoft Operating Systems will continue forever. Even those who still employ PCs with applications made for MS-DOS, will be guaranteed lifetime support. It was demonstrated many times that this operating system was the most successful code that ever came out of Redmond.

It is obvious that traders on Wall Street - who are usually very well informed - missed this one completely. Everybody was focused on the news that Microsoft is going to file substantially fewer H-1B visa applications and thus providing more opportunities for US citizens to work at the software giant. During the course of the day the stock price of Microsoft rose, but most of the profits have already been taken. A Microsoft spokesman was unavailable for comment.

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