Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All right, let's get started!

It is already a while ago when I thought about sharing my experiences with the world using the latest communication stuff, blogging being one of them. So what am I up to? Well, not something that is written in one article. I have this vision that creating IT based solutions should not be such a pain as it has been up to now. With pain I mean that the solution is not ready on time, costs way more then originally anticipated and still doesn't do what it is supposed to do. I figure that you know enough examples in your own environment.

So how can you and I contribute? By giving insight into what really matters when people work together to solve a challenge. And this insight is in a few words: applying architecture to create a thing (called artifact in architecture terms) that is useful to humans who would like to use it.

Realizing that this is still pretty high level and for many humans very obscure. This is my challenge: share with the world using all possible means of communication that it is not as hard as it seems. Starting with this blog I will use common language understood by most humans and "infotainment" to make it happen. So feel free to comment if something is not clear.

I think of this as a journey. While I have a picture in my head how we will interact in the future so we have a better life on earth, it is not easy for me to just write a story. And certainly not in english, which is not my native language. So what am I going to do on this journey? Well, I want to coach anyone who wants to be on his or her journey to reach the same destination. A destination that is not clear yet. Confused? I get it, it will not be a short trip.

Let me conclude this initial article with a wish that many people will work/experience with me on this journey. While I realize that this all is still very vague, my intentions are very clear: be very practical about making progress and getting results. I don't do this just for my own pleasure or to boost my ego.

P.S. I see this endeavour also as large scale experiment to test my hypothesis that "every problem is in the end caused by a communication problem". This is something that motivates me and should not be something you have to agree with.

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